Screen Rant: 15 Movies To Watch Once You’ve Finished Stranger Things

Stranger Things started streaming this month on Netflix, to a wave of overwhelming feedback both by critics and viewers, which quickly drove to the announcement of several more seasons. It was particularly cherished by those between the ages of 30-40, as it plays out as the perfect throwback series to the 1980s, a tribute to the wild and often creepy children’s adventures, a love letter to genre buffs’ two favorite Stevens, Spielberg and King. Showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer created a captivating story, equally rooted in sci-fi and horror, with solid, fun, and downright lovable characters you care deeply about, reminding us why all those 1980s flicks are so beloved today. However,Stranger Things is far more than mere nostalgia. It’s a beast of its own.

Thematically, the show appropriately advances the rather long tradition of the suburban fantasy subgenre. After suburbia’s consolidation in the 1950s and 1960s as the ideal version of the American way of life and a distinct indicator of prosperity and order, it was gradually being deconstructed in the 1970s and the following decades, indicating that behind these perfectly planned low-crime communities with the identical houses and organized plantations, lay a different truth; one of escalating anxiety, depression, crime, and abuse.

These suburban fantasies often functioned as allegories for this concealed world and commented on issues of conservatism and confinement, alienation and otherness. The genre burst into the 1970s, filtered through the general sense of dispute of the era, and was established in the 1980s toward more family-friendly, adventurous paths, was eclipsed in the 1990s and started rising again in the 2000s, until its full-on revival in the 2010s.

Here are 15 definitive specimens from the past forty years (in chronological order) that shaped the roots, the characters, the tone, and the aesthetics all so wonderfully present in Stranger Things:

Read the full article here: 15 Movies To Watch Once You’ve Finished Stranger Things

July 2016 / Screen Rant

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