Screen Rant: 15 Movies Inspired By The Blair Witch Project

When it comes to The Blair Witch Project, not everyone realizes how greatly it impacted modern cinema. Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez’s extra low-budget indie about three filmmaking students who set off to make a documentary about a legendary witch was critically praised, but was received with awkwardness by a large part of the audience, due to its radical and unconventional filmmaking style.

In a genre stuffed with easy frights and jump scares, The Blair Witch Project offered a new breed of horror, focusing on what’s implied, generating fear by the unseen. It was influenced by genre classics such as The Shining, The Omen, Jaws, and the silent witchcraft documentary Häxan, but also inspired a whole new generation of horror filmmakers. Furthermore, its groundbreaking promotional campaign revolutionized the use of internet for advertising movies, basically inventing viral marketing.

In the light of the sequel Blair Witch, whose trailer surprised the San Diego Comic-Con audiences a couple of months ago, it feels appropriate to take a look at its broad legacy.

Read the full article here: 15 Movies Inspired By The Blair Witch Project.

September 2016 / Screen Rant

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