Screen Rant: 15 Bad Movies We Absolutely Love

Watching a good movie can help you understand character development, appreciate filmmaking methods, delve into sophisticated mise-en-scène. Watching a great movie can change your perception, your ideas, your entire life. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a bad movie every once in awhile.

With their insane concepts, campy aesthetics, nonsensical plotlines, and straightforward badness, bad movies are mainstream cinema’s bastard children. A malady in film’s glorious history, destined to be memorialized as its lowest point, its worst accomplishment, its rock bottom. For all their poor craftsmanship however, there are many godawful movies that are warmly celebrated, not only by weird-loving cinephiles and omnivorous film buffs, but casual viewers as well.

Sometimes due to nostalgia, sometimes as a result of belated cult following, sometimes just as guilty pleasures, these filmmaking messes earned their rightful place in our easy-going, pizza-devouring movie nights.

Read the full article here: 15 Bad Movies We Absolutely Love

October 2016 / Screen Rant

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