Screen Rant: 15 Reasons Why The DC Extended Universe Is Worth Your Time

Despite the controversy, a significantly large part of the viewers embraced the DC Extended Universe and actually found elements worthy of affinity, even celebration, from its underestimated cinematic values, to its surprising relevance today.


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BvS features qualities that can prove it to be a future cult classic. These qualities can be traced in its reception and consumption, in its anatomy as a genre piece, in its political economy and how it affected major studio decisions, as well as in its cultural status.


“Fuck You, America”: Looking Back at Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point

When Zabriskie Point was released in 1970, American critics, in a flagrant display of conservatism and profuse nationalist conscience, passionately renounced the film.


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Greek film industry -as limited as it may be- was always rich in unorthodoxy, bizarreness and straightforward badness.